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DS and the PG's

No underground album in recent history had such an overpowering impact on a generation -- Recorded in a mind-boggling six days and released in August 1999, This -- an album with the express goal of seperating sexuality from shame in America-- is one of those albums that, quite simply, changed everything. In and of itself, "Un-masturbate Me," which was rumored to be about former "Cosby Kid" Raven Simone, forever altered the landscape of popular music -- its "post-pelvic" lyrics (in DS's memorable term), literary ambition and sheer length (16:13) shattered limitations of every kind. But that was literally only the beginning.


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Simply put, we would not have been able to produce our product without iCambridge. Not only did they contribute creatively, they were able to absorb preexisting styles and work well with our team. Their positive attitudes during the long hours and intense deadlines proved invaluable during our 1 year project.

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