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How to create a good experience

When a successful project is your destination, our process provides the road map that will help you get there. The stops we make along the way are outlined below.


We begin each project with a discovery phase. Research and evaluations are performed to ensure the vision and objectives are clearly outlined. The ideas and conclusions generated from this analytical process serve as the fundamental building blocks in helping us plan and create your project. We work closely with our clients to ensure a successful road map is in place as we embark on each project.

We then do the research—often using both quantitative and qualitative methods—to understand how the users think, work, and get things done.

As digital strategists with deep industry expertise and a brand focus, we first get an understanding of the business objectives you’d like to achieve.


The information gathered during the discovery phase is used to inform the aesthetic direction of the project. The success of our work is not only in making our clients and their stories visually appealing but also in achieving the stated project goals and business objectives established from the beginning.

Whether the task at hand is branding, identity design or website design, we apply a consistent and thoughtful design approach to obtain optimum results for our clients. Our design process involves identifying and communicating the underlying messages, functions and characteristics that bridge the gap between our client’s brand and its audience.


We take a detail-oriented approach to our development work, ensuring that the final implementation matches the final design. We take great pride in crafting scalable and flexible systems that can grow along with our client’s needs.

Whether implementing front-end code (XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Flash, etc), configuring content management systems, or building web applications, we create clean, standards compliant, elegant code with an eye towards making updates and maintenance easy to manage.

Through an industry best-practice design process, our usability experts, information architects, content strategists and interactive designers create an online experience that’s not just usable, but one your audience wants to use.


Our work doesn’t end when the project is launched. We offer a range of services to help continue building and improving upon the work already completed. Our team provides all the knowledge transfer and documentation necessary to keep the project in its optimal form and on track fro success.

Furthermore, what good is an amazing website if no one knows it’s there? Our search engine optimization and online marketing strategies ensure your target audience will know all about it.

We provide a complete range of front-end development capabilities, then bring our designs to life. By providing support with front-end ready prototypes, style guides, QA, and experience working with IT, we ensure a smooth transition.


Cambridge Interactive is a web design, development, and interactive marketing firm focused on delivering effective online solutions that achieve positive results for your business.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Clients' Words:

Simply put, we would not have been able to produce our product without iCambridge. Not only did they contribute creatively, they were able to absorb preexisting styles and work well with our team. Their positive attitudes during the long hours and intense deadlines proved invaluable during our 1 year project.

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